Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The NEW Farm!

Grammy and Papa Joe just bought a sweet new pad in the country and we HAD to go see it this weekend. They've just moved in and haven't completely gotten all their stuff in yet, but we didn't mind. There was plenty for Anna to do and that's all we cared about. The house and land came with a acreage, a huge barn with stables, and even a donkey! They say that "Mayonnaise" the donkey is not very friendly and can even bite, but Anna didn't care about that! While she had a great time jumping on the trampoline (also came with the house!), Mayonnaise thought he'd come check us out. He came right up to the trampoline and almost let Anna pet him. She would get a little too excited when he got close and would scare him away. She'd just giggle and keep on jumping. She's got this trampoline thing down! We apologize for the crazy hair, she lost her "hair-pip" in the car on the way there.

I also asked Daddy to take some pictures while Grammy and I went shopping for the new house on Saturday. I was really surprised he remembered! He took some pictures of Anna signing my Mother's Day card. She did a pretty good job for a 19 month old! Ha!

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