Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Missing Sandal.

So we went out for our daily piddle at around lunchtime today and took Daddy something to eat. I then drove around "scouting" for places to shoot some photographs of some friends while Miss Thang took a nap in her car seat. Folks, if she goes to sleep in the car seat, there's no way I'm getting her out because then she is UP. So I took advantage of it and enjoyed the quiet. After she woke up, we were on our way to Sutherlands to look at the new plant arrivals. The truck usually comes in on Thursdays. Yay! She we piddled around the garden dept. and then headed home with only 2 small sweet potato vines. I get into the garage and got Anna out of the car seat...and only one sandal?! Hmm. I searched the car, searched the garage, under the car, in her cart cover, in my bag, EVERYWHERE! Jenni had just drove up to chat and waste some time before she had to pick her kids up from school. She said, "Is it at Sutherlands?" It HAD to be. I've looked everywhere. Although I swore she had 2 sandals on when I put her in the car. She kept Anna while I rushed back to the store where I walked up and down the garden aisles, asked the not so helpful employees, asked the service desk, who were also not so helpful... and nothing. By then I was sure she'd thrown it out the window since we drove a while with them down. Now, these sandals are not anything special, just your ordinary, but super cute, Target $12.99 sandals. I sure didn't want to have to go to Target and buy them again! So I drove back to the house and had surrendered to the fact that I'd be making a trip to Target tonight. (Hmm, not such a bad excuse for a Target run!) I get back into the garage and made another sweep of the car. I looked in the crack between the back wheel well thingy and the back seat and THERE IT WAS! I really thing there HAD to be an attempt at throwing it out the window if it were back there. She tends to throw things behind her intending on the opposite. So all that worry and a trip back to freakin' Sutherlands and it was riding in the car the whole time. And you thought this was going to be a GOOD exciting story! Ha!

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Julie said...

I would have been SO annoyed! Bailey threw his sandal last time we were at Target and I searched the ENTIRE store! Luckily, someone had turned it in. Still, it was a frustrating experience.