Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Anna is FOUR!

Anna had a big day today. It's pretty crazy. I was thinking today that this may be her last birthday that we will get to have where we'd just go do whatever she wants... No other commitments (like school or whatever). And it would probably be the first birthday that I'd remember as a "non-baby" birthday. My sister pointed out today that she couldn't really remember specific things about her kids birthdays...that they all kind of ran together up until their 4th birthday. She said it was like they were little people, all of a sudden, not just babies. It's true. Anna has really flipped her "little person switch" in the last year. It's been so fun to see her personality grow up even more. She had a big day today. More on that on the next post. But here are 10 things I love about my Anna.

1: Anna is the most selfless 4 year old on the planet. Seriously. I mean, she has her moments of thinking the world revolves around her, but about 90% of the time, she is thinking of others before herself.
2:Anna has the most self-control of any 4 year old I know.
3: She sings all the time...usually at the top of her lungs and makes up every word of every song.
4: Anna is a space cadet. She stares off into space several times a day. ...her own little world.
5: Anna is fearless.
6: She totally takes tremendous care of her little brother. I don't know what they would do without each other.
7: She tells the best stories.
8: She can swing herself on the swings (what 4 year old do YOU know that can do that?!)
9: Anna amazes me everyday with what she is capable of and what she really understands.
10: She has a crazy short and long term memory. I can ask her someone's name (because I really forgot) and she can think for a minute and remember it. She has told me stories that are 2 years old...from when she was 2. It's a little scary sometimes.

--there are so many more. I can't even imagine what our lives would be like without her. Without her, I'd probably be some boring museum scientist or gallery worker somewhere. She's the one that sparked my interest back into photography... We may have gone the military route and be halfway across the world by now.... We definitely wouldn't have Grey... I wouldn't have realized how selfish my plans for my life really were (not that you have to have a kid to realize that...that's just what did it for me)... We for sure wouldn't be at the church we are now and wouldn't know so many fabulous people... I wouldn't be hooked to medical tv shows (especially "Deliver Me")... ect...

I documented every second (almost literally) of our day today ...minus the puke in the car while dropping them off at PDO...(she didn't go to PDO, but Grey sure did!). I'll (hopefully) post them tomorrow!

If you see Anna in the next few days she'll probably greet you by saying, "Hey (your name here) guess what? I'm 4."


Lindsey said...

She remembers stuff from when she was two? Whoa.

Okay, I did know a four-year-old who could swing herself quite well. Sorry. :) She was in my class at Frenship and I was so impressed with her. She was so all-around athletic and I know she'll do so awesome in whatever sports she chooses as she gets older. And I didn't know if she could do it on her fourth birthday--and so that means Anna could swing when she was THREE, right?

Ashley said...

Ha! Way cool for her! Yes, Anna has been swinging herself since early summer... :)

jarcarhar said...

Happy Birthday Week, Anna! Jakob loved celebrating with your cupcakes on your behalf! (still talking about them today...) You have my favorite hair of all!

Julie said...

happy birthday anna! great post, ashley!