Thursday, June 14, 2007

24 Hour Road Trip

This is a little late... We took a mandatory trip to Ikea this weekend. Jenni needed some shelves for her kiddos rooms that don't exist anywhere but at Ikea. Where else?! I wasn't going to go since I would have to take Anna with me. Daddy had a busy weekend and Anna had been at Grammy's house from Wednesday thru Friday. So I was kind of ready for a weekend without any stuff to do. But when you throw that magic word (Ikea) into a conversation, you've got my attention. Jenni convinced me to go with her and Nana right after finishing the garage sale on Saturday. We hopped in the car, got there just in time to chat a little, went to bed, got up, booked it to Ikea, and left for home right after we were done shopping. All that in a little less than 24 hours. And YES, I took Anna. She wasn't really on her best behavior after being spoiled at Grammy's house a few days before, so we had a few showdowns. We did learn that 4 hours is her max in the car. This picture demonstrates how far we'll go to keep that girl happy in the car. A sucker and a sticky big bird did the trick for a little while. Then we broke out the pen and paper. She'd rather use her leg to write on.

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Julie said...

She looks so cute with that sucker! Grandparents can do a lot of damage in the spoiling department! It is not fun to have to try and establish order once they get back home!