Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Toys everywhere!

We had a garage sale this weekend at our house. Well, Aunt Jenni and family did. They cleaned out all (ALL) of their kids toys and sold most of them on Saturday. We have had a few garage sales at our house that I have not participated in. We just live in a sort of central location with moderate traffic so we are in an ideal place for one. It's totally fine with me that I don't have to price a million little things. I just have to show up. :) And since it was a toy only sale Anna had a blast! It really helped that all the cousins were there to play with her. She fought Logan with a Light Saber (is that right?, not a Star Wars fan), rode on the big bike with the help of Ryan, and jumped around in the mountain of stuffed animals with Catherine. Sorry for the weird placement of the pictures on this one. I had the settings all wrong when I uploaded the pics.

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Julie said...

Wow, lots of toys! Anna is going to be riding a bike by herself before you know it!