Friday, June 08, 2007

Tomatoes anyone?

My tomato plants have been fooled into thinking that we live somewhere in the northeast... or at least somewhere that gets some rain on a regular basis. We have had almost 3 weeks of either a small shower, heavy rain, and/or humidity every day. So instead of me training my tomatoes to tolerate the dry heat and little water, they have been thriving in what they think is a rain forest. I have had to go out once a day and poke new branches back into the tomato cage because they have grown about 2 a day?! One of them is almost 4 feet tall, and that's measuring from the ground folks. These babies aren't in pots. Ridiculous I think. They all already have a few green fist size tomatoes on them (except the heirloom cherries of course). I hope they don't start to pop if we get more rain. Oh, and the weeds are growing great out there as well. They got a little taste of reality the last couple of days since it has been hot, dry and windy. Ahh, home sweet home.

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Julie said...

Those look good. I am impressed!