Friday, March 28, 2008

Anatomy Class?

Anna stayed with her favorite person in the world, Aunt Jenni, while Daddy and I had our weekly small group night last night.  Jenni told me a pretty hilarious story while loading Anna into the car when I came to get her.  She said that she (and Anna) were helping Anna's cousins get ready for their bath.  One of the girls had shucked her clothes and was waiting to get in.  Anna stood right in front of her, leaned down to inspect her "girl parts" for a second, popped back up and looked at Jenni and said, "Jenni, she a girl!"  I haven't had that conversation with her yet so I'm not sure if she has just picked up on it while being around when I change Grey's diaper.  Or maybe Daddy has already taken charge of that area and done it.  ??  

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Jon,Lee, and kids said...

That was a great story. We got lots of laughs.