Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"I'm painting!"

I've been trying to finally get Grey's room painted.  The paint can has been sitting in his room for well over a month...before he was born.  I just haven't gotten to it.  But this week I've made a move.  I'm sick of having to step over stuff that has accumulated in the floor because it either needs to go up on the wall, moved into place after the walls are painted, etc.  So I busted out the rollers and paint brushes.  I've been working slowly, starting with just cutting in at the bottom then on to rolling when I know I have a fairly good chunk of time to spend.  

So yesterday, I got all the rolling done.  But just before I finished, Anna woke up.  I just had a little more to do with the second coat on the last wall when she walked into the room, gasped with excitement, and said, "Mommy!  You're painting?!"  I told her "yep", then began telling her that the walls were wet and she didn't need to get anywhere close to them or any of the paint supplies.   She agreed and stood there looking around for a little while.  She then, as I suspected, began asking for her paint and ran to get her apron.  I told her that I couldn't help her then and maybe we'd do it later.  Well, of course, there is no "later" in a bipolar toddler's vocabulary.  About that time, Grey started screaming so I had to leave the room to see what the deal was.  I reminded Anna about not touching anything...  She usually does what I say...usually.  I came back to find her sitting in the floor of Grey's room with a paintbrush painting Grey's dresser!  And what did I do?  I asked, "ANNA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?"  She said, "Mommy, I'm painting!"  Um, yeah.  Why did I even ask.  I did the typical grab her arm, drag her out of the room why I'm lecturing about doing what I say...  She was pretty sad and is banished from Grey's room until further notice.  

The dresser is fine.  It has a gloss finish on it and it was easy to clean up.  At least she didn't get paint on the carpet!

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Jon,Lee, and kids said...

She just wanted to make something pretty. I hate to tell you but there's no later in a 9 year olds vocabulary or a 13 year olds. It's all about now and the drama they just can't contain.