Sunday, April 27, 2008

Panic at the Disco...I mean Lowe's.

Sorry, bad joke.  But this was legit people, and probably can be blamed on me.  Nana, Grey, Anna, and I all went out for a night on the town last night.  Well, we went to Lowe's to pick up some things for the major garage organization marathon.  We just happened to go just before the place closed for the night.  Nana and I were trying to decide of some hooks and brackets while Anna climbed all over the shopping cart.  She eventually was laying horizontally on the shelf thing underneath the basket.  You know that part right above the wheels?  The part where you put things that are way too long to go into the basket part and you end up knocking things off shelves with whatever you put down there and/or hitting other innocent bystanders because you can't see how far it sticks out from the cart.  ...whew...  Anyway, Anna was laying down there when we finally decided to go to another isle.  She somehow had her knees wedged in the bars and as I began to push, she decided she wanted out.  Instead of just lifting her knees out from in between the bars, she tried to scoot forward as she lifted her legs.  Big mistake.  The bars narrow at the front of the cart and widen at the back.  The more she tried to get out, the more stuck she became.  An instant panic, screaming bloody murder, fit.  Nana and I began working on her legs trying to free them.  They were stuck!  The scenarios began to run through my head... are we going to have to get the guys in the red vests to come with some bolt cutters?  ...are we going to break her leg trying to get it out of here?  and so on...  Only seconds had passed when we got them loose.  It seemed like she was screaming for 30 minutes.  She had a nice blue mark on her knee and she was very reluctant to go down the isle where it all happened when we went back to get something.  She'll never get under the cart again, I'm sure.


Todd said...

I'm LOL!
Hang in there! We've had our own grocery basket encounters, too! Never very fun at the time!

Todd said...

Ok, it's not Todd commenting! It's Teri commenting! I don't have an account, so I thought I would use my hubby's! :>