Sunday, April 13, 2008


We finally got some rain a couple of days ago.  Of course it all came in the same week that I washed my car, which NEVER gets done, and a day after I watered the yard and sad plantless flowerbed.  I was trying to get the dirt to where I could shovel out the ugly rocks and till up the packed dirt that the last owners left me.  Anyway, we haven't seen many bugs around here since we've moved in.  But in the last few days, I've seen many crickets and spiders roaming around the house.  Those don't really bother me since I grew up on a farm and those critters were regulars in our house.  But what I can't handle are the "city bugs".  Cockroaches mainly.  I can't STAND them.  They are gross and give me the willies big time.  And I should know from living in our last house that when it rains they come inside.  Last night I was fixing Grey a bottle in the kitchen.  Since it was the middle of the night, I was walking around barefoot.  I took a step to reach for something when I felt a horrid, creepy crawly, six legged critter crunch under and between my toes.  I immediately did the thing we all do...freak out, jump back, shake your foot until you are sure whatever was there is not there anymore, then look frantically to see what it was.  Yep, a cockroach.  Gross.  It was still halfway alive so I got the closest thing, a spatula, and wacked it.  Even a double layer of paper towels wadded up didn't keep the willies inside of me as I carried it to the toilet.  Ewww.  So Daddy's job when he gets home is to douse the house in Tempo...the miracle bug spray.


Julie said...

i am with you on the roaches! gross!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

I got the willies just reading this.
Did you know...Peter and I will be in Snyder next weekend for a family reunion. You and JObe and the kids should take a family trip! That would MAKE PETER'S YEAR..since I'm dragging him to our family reunion. :)