Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Critter gift.

Since all the rain a week or so ago and me severely disturbing the flower bed, we've also disturbed some critters as I've said previously.  Daddy sprayed the miracle bug killer spray that somehow does not kill all of us and all the critters have turned up dead so far.  Or at least I've found them flipped on their backs quivering and gasping for their final breathes.  MooHooHaaHaaHaaaa!  Yesterday morning, like any other morning, Anna came into our bedroom letting me know that "it's light outside" and "it's time to wake up".  She did her normal routine of letting me know that she was missing her favorite shows and she needed me to come into the living room.  Like the good mom that I am, I tell her nicely and with my eyes still closed, "I'll be in there in a minute."  (not!)  Then I hear here run a few steps, stop, and gasp.  "Mommy! You have a nasty bug in your room!"  (pause) "I'll go get some toilet paper." Hmm.  Still with my eyes closed I wonder what she could be talking about.  I say again, "It's ok, go potty and I'll be in the living room in a minute."  Finally (45 minutes later) I get up and meet Anna in the living room.  She immediately takes me back to our bedroom and shows me what she had done.  I must have dosed off while she had done this.  She had gotten one of Grey's wipes and picked up the dead roach that she found in the floor and placed it on the corner of my nightstand...about 5 inches from where my head was laying.  Good thing it was dead.

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