Thursday, April 17, 2008

Trash truck crush.

Anna is sooo  obsessed with the trash truck.  I don't really know why.  I guess she gets so concerned about all the ruckus happening in the alley when the trash truck comes.  She wants to go outside and watch it.  Then she begs to get in the car and follow it around and asks constantly where it's going.  Same answers every time... 

Anna: Mommy, where's trash truck goin?
Me: Probably to the next dumpster to get the neighbors trash.
Anna: The neighbor house??  To get da neighbor trash?? Where's it goin?
Me: To the next dumpster to get more trash.
Anna: To get more trash, Mommy? We go see it!
Me: No, we've already missed it.  It's gone now.
Anna: Mommy.  Where's it goin? We go see it! We get in Mommy's car and go see it...  Then we go to Target! (yep, for real...  she said it.)

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