Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whatever works...

This is what finally caused Grey to give it up last night.  I've determined that now that Grey has awakened from his 4 week long nap, he's a little bit of a fussy baby (it could be way worse I know!).  Nonetheless, fun times for all of us.  It's not one of those pathetic cries; nope, more like a "I'm just pissed off for no reason" cry...a yell/scream cry.  Like someone clinching their teeth and fists when nothing goes right.  It's nice.  And every time he does it, it makes me clinch my teeth and fists as well.  I've remembered that the baby straight jacket (a.k.a. swaddling) helps things.  The awesome hand-me-down swaddler blankets that Kelly gave us are too short so we just velcro his arms in and let his legs be free.  Which reminds me...I NEED to send Kelly a huge thank you note for that carload of stuff!!  
So, this was the solution last night so I could catch up on some laundry.  The swaddler blanket binding his arms and keeping him from practicing any more self mutilation; incline on the (super cute) boppy pillow, and a washcloth over his eyes, and plug in mouth.  Ahhhh, quiet.  Quiet meaning that I still heard Anna crying from her bed and telling us that she NEEDED her batteries in her lantern.  


Kelly Goulding said...

You are very welcome.
Remember I have 2 boys so the clothes will run freely as long as you want them!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

Hhhaaaa..oh the things you do. :)