Friday, July 25, 2008

22 Words.

My friend, Lindsey, posted an entry about this blog.  It's written by Abraham Piper, son of author John Piper.  It's really good.
The couple of sentences above was my attempt at trying to do what he does on his blog, only using 22 words per post.  As you can see, I couldn't do it since I SO long winded.  Therefore I had to write more to explain myself.  :)  He does a really good job at conducting the experiment of "getting to the point".  Something I'm usually not so good at.  Here's the link, and I'll put it on my blog list.

and can someone tell me how to make things into links on the blog?


J.E.M. said...

Click on the link button next to the T for text at the top of the compose post page. Then to edit the title of the link, go to the html compose box and put the title between the 2nd set of < >. OR click on the help section if this doesn't make sense!

Ashley said...

YAY! thanks!