Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Several months ago, at an ultrasound while I was pregnant with Grey, I heard the technician say something like, "Oh, he has his fingers in his mouth."  I remember thinking to myself, "Just a coincidence.  Or maybe not?  Hopefully not!"  We caught Anna with her fingers in her mouth once during an ultrasound.  So I hoped she wouldn't be a finger sucker.  She turned out to be a plug-lover and all was well when I decided that I needed to take the plug away after she turned one.  Sort of.

A few weeks after Grey was born, I was amazed by how much and how well he slept...even all the way through the night!  Now, my definition of "through the night" is probably different than the norm.  I'm talking "sleeping though the night just as long as I want to sleep or want him to sleep."  When Grey was able to sleep for almost 12 hours straight at night at a month old, I was thinking, "Where did this child come from?! And how did I get so lucky?!"  I remember that it took Anna until she was almost 4 months old to sleep that long...if that.  People, I hardly ever get up during the night. But a while ago, I figured out the reason for his sleeping skills.  He sucks on his two first fingers.  At first I thought it was just him finding his hands or whatever, so I'd plug him and go on.  He'd end up spitting the plug out and getting those fingers back into his mouth.  I've tried and tried to pull his fingers out and stick the plug in, but it always had the same result.  Should I keep trying?  Should I give in and face the fact of many future meltdowns when I try to get him to stop sucking on his fingers?  I suppose taking Anna's plug away had it's time of frustration.  But at least I could take the plug away and out of her sight!  I can't cut off Grey's fingers!  I know there are other options to get him to stop.  We'll see how it all works out...  I haven't gotten a good picture of him sucking on his fingers yet since he looks at me like I'm an alien when I point the camera at him.  I'll try to get one soon. 


Amanda said...

As an infant, Reese began sucking his bottom lip while he slept. In fact, he probably still does it. He would make this loud sucking noise with it, too. Chapped lip...the whole works. I was mortified...tried to fight it to no avail.
I finally put it in perspective by telling myself that he won't be a thirty year old man still sucking on his bottom lip.
This habit could have caused him to need braces, but no one really knows for sure. Lots of kids have braces and have never had a sucking habit.
I am a reformed thumb sucker who only quit when I was good and ready...at the age of seven. No amount of teasing, hot sauce on the thumb, or anything else had an affect.
It is more difficult to deal with than a binky. But think...you never have to pull the car over to dig under the seat to find their plug!
I'm sure he'll outrow it soon enough.
Good luck!

J.E.M. said...

Well, you know we have a thumb sucker over here. Catch 22. It's nice because she always has it, but it sucks because she's always using it! I feel for ya!