Friday, July 25, 2008

The big pool!

Yesterday we (Anna, I should say) went swimming at a very nice pool.  Anna really wanted to go slide down the big slide that had about a four foot drop between the end of the slide and the the (10ft.) deep end.  But that's Anna.  I wouldn't let her mainly because I didn't want to freak out the lifeguards.  But I know she would've survived if she had gone.  She stayed in the 2-5 feet deep areas and played with cousins and new friends.  She had a blast.  And I just thought it was cool that us grown-ups had our very own waiter!  

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EHW said...

So glad that we met this week and that Miss Anna had a good time swimming. LOVE your blog and your photography blog... fun, fun, fun...

I look forward to you teaching me some Photoshop tricks, I'll have to call it "Ashley Action" instead of "Teri's Toys"... I have got to learn how to enhance eyes as in Grey's photo... I'm a quick learner, I promise!!!

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I posted the 11 poses I bought from Mark Umstot on my last posting, along with some I took of the baby... ew