Saturday, July 26, 2008

A concert hall in Milano, Italy.

I love music.  Lots of different kinds.  But I have this "thing" for classical piano.  This "thing" is something I can always remember having.  I loved to sit and watch my dad play jazz on our piano and organ at home.  I was mesmerized when I watched Doug Smith play.  I remember sitting at our piano glued to the movement of Doug's hands as they swept across the keys in almost a blur.  It makes me stop in my tracks, quit what I am doing...  I close my eyes, and slow my breathing as the notes seem to drift through my veins invoking all sorts of thoughts and emotions.  I love it.  I so wish I could play some of the things I hear.  Especially a recent piece I heard on my husband's iTunes list.  The artist's name is Ludovico Einaudi.  It takes me to a small concert hall in Milano, Italy.  I'm in the front row and am squinting my eyes to see and study every move his fingers make, as if I were going to take each stroke home and recite it note for note.  

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EHW said...

Hey Ashley- I'll pretend I'm in Italy, too!!!

We are members of St. Luke's UMC, but we are visiting others (Melonie Park Church)... and are looking...

Where do ya'll go to church???

My post partum nurse told me about the Amy Rose-King photographer also, but I had forgotten... I will definitely check out her blog/website!!! ew