Saturday, April 21, 2007


So after the potty trick the other day, Anna hasn't been the least bit interested in actually "going" on the potty. For a couple of days after her little trick (which in many ways seems to be just good timing on my part and a little help from Anna) she would run towards the bathroom and say "I 'ant more potty please!" You can imagine her sentence being choppy because she is trying to sign as she speaks. So I'd think, "ok, here she goes...she's gonna do it again!" But no, I take her clothes off, take her diaper off, sit her little bottom on the brand spankin' new potty seat and after about, oh, 7 seconds of acting like she's pooping, she says, "all done! bye-bye potty." This happened MULTIPLE times. I mean, more than 10 the first day. The second day, I gave up after about 4 or 5 times. It's all just a game now. Although I'd rather it be a game than a screaming fit. That may come I suppose. So now I just ask her a couple of times a day when I think she might really need to go. I stick her on the seat, same routine....and nothin'. She may not be as ready as we all thought. either.

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Julie said...

I am not looking forward to potty training! I am worried I don't have the patience for it. Sounds like you are handling it like a pro!