Monday, April 16, 2007

"Poopy? I 'ant more potty?!"

These are the words of my 18 month old. She now tells me before she needs to go "Number 2" and asks for the potty. Hmm. Recently I thought about going to buy a little potty for her. I told myself last week that there's no way I'd be consistent with her now since she didn't know what REALLY happens with the potty. But she wants to sit on it all the time. And my sister told me to start her in the summer. Later last week Anna was standing in the living room and said "poopy? potty?" then just went in her diaper almost immediately. I and my laziness just sat on the couch and thought, "I guess I should've gotten up and taken her." But I just sat there. So last night we were eating dinner (AT OUR DINING ROOM TABLE! Mom will be proud). We were almost done and Anna started saying "toot!?" and pointing to one of us. of the many funny things we will regret teaching her. Then she said, "poopy? I 'ant more potty?!" I was NOT going to waste this opportunity so I pulled her out of her highchair and whisked her away to the potty. And you'll never believe it but, SHE DID IT! It was hilarious. I thought about taking pictures but what in the world would I have taken them of? I'll spare you that. So I guess I'll be buying a potty very soon. I'm really not sure where to start with all of this, but I suppose Anna has already started without me!


Julie said...

Wow! Potty training already. I am impressed! They say the kids let you know when they are ready. Guess she couldn't be any more clear:)

J.E.M. said...

Anna is officially invited to visit Megan if she'll teach her to do that, too!!! Nice break for you, Ash!

Anonymous said...

I've know lots of people that have potty trained their girls at around 18mths. Don't hesitate just because the dumb books say it's too early. She obviously knows she's ready and will probably catch on right away!