Friday, July 06, 2007

The Fourth.

Anna had a good time at the parade. The parade is always pretty underwhelming to all the adults (well, me at least), but my sister put it best, "It's not for us..." I always wondered what was SO exciting about those mediocre floats with unknown people waving at everyone, the firetrucks and ambulances blaring their sirens just as they get right beside us, the the half melted candy thrown onto the street after the horses pooped there and the street sweeper trucks smeared it around... ahh...parades. Anna was mesmerized. There were so many things going by to keep track of.
After the parade we went home to eat some lunch and take a nap. Next stop was to a family's house to cook out and have some fun. Of course Anna needed to get some serious air on their trampoline. This girl is a champ on the tramp! Ha! We didn't get any fireworks this year. We just went to a local show that had some good "pops" as Anna called them. She really was a little scared when the neighbors started popping about a trillion black cats in a row, but warmed up to them quickly when she saw how cool they could be! ...the big ones I mean.

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