Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Those Cool "Italians!"

We have SUCH cool friends. Our friends who currently live in Italy (but will soon be moving back to the States) sent us a surprise! They know how much of a bike freak Daddy is and how we would've killed to have gone to the Giro d'Italia race this year. They just happened to be in the area where the time trials for the race were taking place. They were going to see Romeo and Juliet at an arena there. So they stuck around in the rain and got some awesome souvenirs for us! They got Anna this pink t-shirt and some other "preddy neckaces" or over-your-head key chains. ...whatever those are called. They took pictures and also sent some more Italian coffee and goodies! I tried to take the pink t-shirt off of Anna and she wouldn't let me. Thanks guys!

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Julie said...

I assume you are talking about Justin & Amy. That was so nice of them! Also, I was very impressed with the makeover Anna gave herself.