Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Sista!?!

Yep, that's what I said. Anna will be a big sista in march. I was going to have her wear her "big sister" t-shirt I made her and take a good picture, but it has taken me forever to even post this that I just gave up on that idea. I'm about 7ish weeks along and am feeling fairly well. I haven't had much sickness...just a few moments here and there and only one full day of feeling cruddy. I just HATE the empty, "I MUST EAT something" feeling that is there all the time. And when no food is very appealing, it gets annoying. So hopefully everything goes well from here on out. I'll go for my first ultrasound on August 15th. Let's just pray there isn't more that one in there!


Kelly Goulding said...

That is wonderful news.Shawn and I are very happy for you and especially for Anna.
If the ultrasound reveals twins you will be in my prayers!!! You would need them! Love you guys..

~ The Atwood's said...

Okay well...take a seat...the Atwood's newest news...guess we will be "prego" together! Yes, your 37 year-old sister is pregnant as well. Due March 1st. Darron just took a look at our new little one this past week. Implanted in the right spot, heart beating away... boy or girl?...doesn't matter to me (Darron hoping for girl), at my age, I just want healthy.

So happy for you all. Ms. Anna will be a great big sister. Congratulations and lots of love.
~ Jill

GannFam said...

I am so excited for you!! Anna will love being a big sis.
I see that Jill has also passed along her news to you.
This is cool!!

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

YEAHHHHH!!!!!! :) I just emailed Peter....woohooo!!

Theresa, Chris and Aidan said...

That is so Fantastic!!!! Congratulations. Wow - the concept of adding to the family is upon us all, huh?

I hope you are feeling great and finally get to "crave" that bucket of chicken. I seem to recall you mentioning to me you missed out on those "bad for you" cravings and seemed to desire fruit more than anything else during your pregnancy with Anna. :-) Who knows what will happen during this one.

Keep us updated - we will be waiting!