Monday, July 02, 2007

Anna's Wildlife Refuge

This morning when we went outside to load the car, I heard something knocking and rustling on the door of the cellar. I thought, "Ah, another stupid cat..." Then I looked around Anna's wagon and car to find a big ol' turtle! Where in the world?!!.... Well, we do live close to a park with a small lake. I suppose it could have made the long trek down the alley (about a block) and across a semi-busy street to our back yard. But how in the world did it get in? ...and wander all the way up to the back porch on onto the storm cellar door? Who knows? What is that in turtle distance anyway? I had a pet turtle when I was younger, but my pet was MUCH smaller than this one and I think it may have been the same kind. Harmless, I thought. It's shell was about a foot across (longways) and it looked a little ticked off after seeing me and Anna. Anna tried to touch it's shell and it "ran" a few feet away. It was actually pretty fast! And that REALLY freaked Anna out. It made lots of noise as it scurried across the cellar door with it's claws and shell banging around. Anna ran a few feet away as well yelling at the turtle and at me ...something about "OH, MOMMY! TURTLE COMIN'!! WHERE'S PUPPY?!?!" There were a few more "words" in between all of that as well. Those were the ones I made out at the time. So I told Anna that the turtle was scared and that we needed to take him back home. We loaded up the turtle into Anna's wagon and took him back to the lake at the park. We got lots of attention from other kiddos and parents while we freed the turtle. We even got some much needed help from some boys that were really interested. Anna kept a safe distance away while the turtle went back home. When we went back home she couldn't figure out why we left the turtle at the park. She kept looking at the empty wagon saying, "Oohh turtle?!" All of her dramatic sentences always begin with "Ohh!" We may as well just declare our back yard a wildlife refuge.

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