Thursday, August 16, 2007

Catch up.

So since we've had a crazy last couple of months, here are some slide shows of things I haven't posted. Sorry, I know it's not the best way of letting you know what's been happening, but it's all I got right now. A little summary for this slide show: We had some friends coming over from out of town and I put Anna down for a second nap after she only had a 15 minute nap earlier in the day. I got her up a little before our friends showed up and she decided that she hadn't slept for long enough. She just layed down in the floor and fell back asleep. This girl needs her sleep! Next, Anna loves her hair stuff and she wanted to wear all of her headbands at once. Daddy let her put them all on herself. Pretty good attempt I thought. Last group of pics is from Nana's house. She played with her markers lots and loved to color her face and hands as well. Good thing they were washable!

The next set of pics is from an area natural spring were we had a cousin's birthday party. Reagan's birthday location was a hit with Anna! It had lots of waterfalls, a fishing hole, and the spring fed right into a great pool with a very shallow end. I'm on my knees in these pictures. The water was 52 bloody degrees and Anna just loved it! She jumped in over and over and paddled around with Uncle Jon and the kids. She ate lots of watermelon, took a tour of the springs, and played in the creek. After the party everyone went back to Nana's house to play and eat some more. The rest of the pictures are from Nana's house again from when we were there a couple of weeks ago. It rained while we were there so Anna needed to splash in the water/mud puddles. She even kissed and held a frog! This slide show is long so click on the plus sign to speed it up.

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