Wednesday, August 29, 2007

PDO, Here we come!

I've been debating on whether or not to enroll Anna in the Parent's Day Out at our church for a while. Since I've been a little sick and not in the mood to play constantly or go outside in the heat, Anna has been a bit frustrated with me. Yesterday I realized that it was the day to register for PDO so I just picked up the phone and called to ask a few questions. And I SIGNED HER UP! But just for one day a week...Thursdays. The price is pretty ridiculous (I mean CHEAP)and it's from 8:45-2:45. So I just went for it. Daddy even suggested putting her in for both Tuesday and Thursday. I said I'd check on it, but Sandy, the woman in charge, acted like they only had openings for Thursday. After I signed her up, I started feeling guilty about it all and thought that I was just being a lazy mom. But then I smacked myself back into reality and thought, "She'll have a great time playing all day with other kids and just getting out of the house for almost an entire day!" Daddy also gave me another reason to not feel guilty. He said that I could work on my photography stuff or whatever and maybe feel like I have some time for it. One more plus with this PDO, Lindsey, Will's mom from past photo shoots, will he Anna's teacher! Since Anna has been going through some separation anxiety (hopefully very temporary), knowing Lindsey will help lots. I'll let you know how things work out this Thursday. I'm excited for her but hope she doesn't scream the whole time asking "Where's Daddy!!!" She's been putting a random "me" at the end of sentences. Who knows?

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