Friday, August 10, 2007


Ok, Anna's newest trick is to strip all of her clothes off when she is in her room. I've either put her in her room because she is in trouble or she is trying to get some attention after waking up from a nap or in the morning. Occasionally, or at least since she was almost 18 months old, she would take her shirt off or her pants. Yesterday we put her in her room because of a huge fit she was throwing, she stopped crying and I went in to ask her if she was ready to be nice. She had taken her shirt off and her pants looked a little odd, but were on. I asked her if she was done crying, she said "yes", and then reached behind the door and pulled out her wet diaper. She had taken her shirt, pants, and diaper off, then put her pants back on, backwards. What in the world? So I guess we really need to get serious about potty training. She was interested a few months ago, but really hasn't been since then. I mean, she'll go in the bathroom, want all of her clothes off and want to sit on her potty, but she just sits on it for a couple of seconds and is "all gone...potty". So I just assumed that that wasn't quite enough interest on her part. Apparently it is. So I've just asked my friend, Deborah, who is the potty training queen, for a little education on her ways. She doesn't use pull-ups, which I don't really want to use for several reasons. But who knows, it may resort to that. Hopefully we can do it the way Deborah does it.

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