Thursday, April 09, 2009

B-fast Conversation.

This is how this short conversation went this morning:
Anna: Mommy, we need some stairs.
Me: Why do we need stairs?
Anna: So I can up and down them.
Me: Well, the stairs have to go to someplace...  like Nana has a "downstairs" and a place to play after you get to the bottom of the stairs.
Anna: Well, we could go to the store and get some stairs.  And I could just go up and down them and they don't have to go someplace.
Me: I don't think we'll just go get some stairs.
Anna: Mom, does Erin have some stairs?
Me: I don't think so.
Anna: Why doesn't Erin live in a house like our house?
Me: She lives in a house.  What do you mean "like our house?"
Anna: Why doesn't she live in a big house like ours?
Me: Did you know that we lived in a house almost exactly like their house not too long ago.
Anna: (nodding yes) Yeah.  But now our house is different?
Me: We moved to a different house because we ran out of room in the other one.  Erin and Chas' house is just right for Erin and Chas.  They have just enough room for them.
Anna: Well, when Erin and Chas grow bigger and bigger they might need to get a bigger house. 
Me: I think they are just fine where they are.
Anna: If they get bigger and bigger, I think they can come live in our house.
Me: You think they'd like that.
Anna: (nodding with excitement) YES! Does Erin have a baby in her belly?
Me: Not that I know of...
Anna: She doesn't?!  I think she does.  Why does she not have a baby in her belly?
Me: She doesn't have a baby in her belly that I know of.  (NOT going there...)
Anna: Did she say "no"?
Me: Probably.


Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, that is so funny. Does Erin have a baby in her belly? She better not keep that from us :)

Anna is so cute.

Jon,Lee, and kids said...

Lucky You. All those questions that we don't want to answer. That gives me something to look forward to.

Erin said...

JUST SAY NO! I think that's the real moral or this story. Sorry to disappoint Anna, but the only thing in my belly is the 13 jelly beans that I just ate :)

Tell Anna that indeed we have 2 sets of 3 stairs at our house on our front porch, and that she is welcome to come over and go up and down them until her heart's content! :)

Ashley said...

LOL! erin, that was just SO random about the baby... we weren't even watching "a baby show" or anything!!