Friday, April 10, 2009

A "Canon" moment.

Anna found some stickers in one of my magazines.  Most of them said "yes" and there were a couple of "maybes".  She stuck them all over her face.  OF COURSE I had to get the camera out.  The mini shoot sort of sounded a little like this (Anna didn't say much):

Anna, come over by the door where it's brighter...
(after she got to the door) Anna what are you looking at?
Oh, are you staring??
You sure are staring good...  What are you staring at?
Aaannnnnnnnnaaaa.....  (blank)
Com'on Anna, give me a happy face or something...
Oh, that didn't last long...back to staring?
Can you give me face other than a "staring face?
Ok, not such a big ugly face...
Yep, not exactly what I meant, but that's what I said...
Anna: Mom, this one's tickling my nose.
No! Leave it just a little longer!
Ok now look at me please.
Ok, we're done.


jarcarhar said...

Crack me up! She is hilarious!!!

Erica said...

what magazine gives those tabs??? sweet! she's so funny!

Jon,Lee, and kids said...

Y'all are so funny.

The Shannon's said...

LOVE IT!! She is sooo funny!