Monday, April 06, 2009

Flower Girl: Part 2

Anna did another fabulous job as a flower girl this weekend.  She walked down the aisle like a pro and even stood up at the front with me for the entire wedding.  She was up and down, fluffing her dress, laying down, tearing up her bouquet, making mean faces at me for scolding her, etc.  But she did such a great job.  We traveled about 7 hours in the car (with the wonderful help of J's mom, "Grammy") to get to this wedding with both kids.  It was fun and everyone did well in the car.  We shopped, ate, and danced the weekend away, and I rekindled a love for a store that we don't have where we live.  Anthropologie.  It really is the best store ever.  If only I was a rich photographer...  HA!  I wish I had pictures of Anna walking down the aisle, but since I was bridesmaid and J and Grammy were making sure Anna had a good pep talk and Grey was taken care of, I didn't get the chance to get any.  Maybe the wedding photog got some?  We'll have to see...

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