Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going once, going twice...

SOLD!  I just sold my precious camera tonight.  I was telling the buyer (also a friend of mine) about how all day I would approach the keyboard to tell her it was hers, then would change my mind and back away...  I am really going to have a hard time letting it go!  Sad, very sad...  It will be cleaned and shipped off very soon.  And I may shed a tear or two...I'm sort of being serious.  I was thinking that this camera was like the first house you ever bought and lived in... the one your kids may have grown up in...  and it's just a CAMERA!  Ridiculous.  But it's the one I have cussed at (because of things that I didn't know how to do), rejoiced in, learned SO much from, carried like a newborn everywhere I went, and loved every minute having it.  But I must move on.  

I'll try very hard, very soon to update some "life" posts...promise!

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