Monday, October 22, 2007

Chocolate, Chai, and Cheetos.

So, when I was pregnant with Anna, I was all about eating anything healthy. This wasn't because I was a super health freak, it's just all I wanted. It made me feel better to eat fruit and felt clean going down if you can understand that. Well, this time around has been a little different. I still want all the good stuff (meaning the healthy stuff), but I want other things too. Like Cheetos! Those are SO good. Daddy suggested that I get the Baked Cheetos since I was wanting them so much. Anna and I have eaten only 2 bags so far. In the last few months I that's not really that many. But sometimes I just want some Cheetos. Next thing that I don't think I had much at all of while pregnant with Anna was Chocolate (it must be capitalized). I need something Chocolate almost every day. I usually get it by cramming some semi-sweet Chocolate chips in each bite of a banana or something like that. So it's really not that bad of a snack. Antioxidants right?! Ha! And lastly, Chai lattes. I've had about 4 today. If you've never had a chai latte, go get one. It's freakin' good. I think of it only as a cool weather drink. I've never had egg nog, but I think it may be a lighter version in taste, without the eggy part. SOOO GOOOD... So there you go. My randomness for the day. If those of you who haven't seen me during this pregnancy, don't worry. I'm not as big as a house as you might have imagined with this blog post. I've gained about 5ish pounds so far and am more than half way done. But wish me luck that that 5ish pounds doesn't turn into 70 in lightning speed!

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