Monday, October 22, 2007

Heredity Sucks.

Yesterday a cold front came through in the afternoon and by that evening it was pretty cold and windy. Anna has has a few sniffles because of all the dust flying around and, as always, demanded on going outside after dinner. So we put some warm clothes on and her hat and she and Daddy went out to throw some acorns. She loves it for some reason. Of course, she then needed to run back and forth across the yard many the cold, windy air. I new what was about to happen. Anytime Anna starts to run and play a little too hard she starts to cough. A little thing called Exercise Induced Asthma. I have it and struggled with it anytime I ran, played basketball games, etc. One who has it, knows what it's like and knows what it looks like. My dad also has asthma, worse than me, and not just exercise does one of my sisters. So I knew there was a good chance Anna may have it too. The cold weather last night of course did not help her breathing and just as soon as I saw that she was running around, I called her and Daddy inside. She immediately started coughing and coughed so much and hard enough that she threw up right as they got inside the house. Yep, that's what happens with this. So there you have it. A non-medical diagnosis. That's what she has. There's not much you can do, I don't think. Just make her slow down a little every now and then. Heredity sucks. (picture taken before she puked..)

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