Friday, October 05, 2007

Sneezes are good.

I don't have a picture of this since it happened so quickly...and you probably wouldn't have wanted to see it anyway... This morning Anna got on a small sneezing rampage. She sneezed like 5 times saying "bless you" after each as she walked closer to me. On the last sneeze, she blew out this big wad of kleenex that she had apparently jammed up into her nostril. She had been blowing her nose while watching Wonder Pets a few minutes earlier. I had no idea that she had torn off a piece of kleenex and stuck it up there (or at least I think that's when it happened...maybe it had been up there for a while and she was trying to get it out). At least nature finally took care of it. It probably would have just sat up in there and rotted.

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J.E.M. said...

Oh are so cute! Ashley, these girls are going to keep us busy for the next 18 years.