Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Cake!

Anna is TWO! We had a family birthday party on Saturday and she had a blast. It was so different than her first birthday since she could really enjoy lots of people singing to her, tearing into her "happy cake" and really liking it this time, blowing out the candles herself (without the planned practice session that I totally forgot to have with her), and opening her own presents! Here are some of the fun moments.

She must have come up with "happy cake" on her own. I thought Aunt Jenni taught it to her since that's where she gets lots of her cute words. But Jenni denies it and I know I've never said it. She calls anything resembling a cake or cupcake "happy cake". This is the reason for "happy cake" written on her personal cakes. I looked at those pictures today and thought I could've totally gotten more creative with decorating her cakes...but what's the use? She ripped that thing to shreds and ate most of it! I went to clean up her mess and looked for the missing chunks of cake on the floor and in her chair. She really ate most of it!

She also got some of the coolest gifts ever! Grammy and Papa Joe gave her some sweet new shoes (Nike shox-size 8! and some nice ones), some cute clothes and pjs, and some Wonder Pets DVDs. Nana took her Sunday clothes shopping and got her some super cute dresses since she has grown out of everything lately, and Nana and Papaw also gave her a mini Ikea chair for her to watch all those Wonder Pets episodes in. Aunt Jenni gave her some Aquadoodle accessories and some cute shirts for the fall and winter. Daddy and I gave her an Aquadoodle mat that mounts on the wall and a little travel color Aquadoodle. I wish I invinted that thing. I'd be a millionaire. And Krista came by later that day and gave her a super cute book titled "Fancy Nancy", a purple feather boa, and a magic wand. So she made a haul!

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Theresa, Chris and Aidan said...

It sounds like she made out like a bandit! It is so hard to believe Anna is two already. Crazy! She is so beautiful - watch out!!:-)

Happy Birthday Anna!!!!