Thursday, November 01, 2007


Anna was a pirate for Halloween. I made it back from Orlando just in time to rest a little and get her dressed and over to Aunt Jenny's annual Halloween Trick or Treat party. We had lot so fun. Daddy was very disappointed that he missed Anna Trick or Treating on her own for the first time because his flight got in late. Last year she didn't really care about anything but the suckers. Of course, she wouldn't stand very still for me to get a cheesy posed picture, but these will have to do. She has a few smiles that are very fake and just funny. She did a great job walking up to each door, knocking, usually after they had the door open for her, almost walking into everyone's house as if she were invited inside, saying "trick or treat" and "thanks" when she got her candy, and running off yelling "CANDY!!" while she tried to keep up with all the other big kids. It was great! Halloween is awesome!

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