Friday, November 30, 2007

Moving day...

SO yesterday was the official "get the heck out of the house" day...the day before our scheduled closing. We had to have everything out Thursday night since the new owner of our house would be doing his "walk through" the next morning at 8:30. We have been been slowly moving into the new house over the past week and man, we had lots of crap. Although I knew that before we started packing.

Note to self: don't buy another house with three garages and a storm cellar if you're not planning on staying there forever.

We have the most amazing friends and family. Nana has been back and forth all week either tending to Anna or helping pack. Papaw pulled his flat bed trailer over and helped load yard and garage stuff and move it to the new house..then pulled it back today after closing. Papa Joe came to help with repairs to the roof as well as other random things. Grammy also pitched in by helping with Anna, packing and cleaning. Our freakin' awesome friends helped with tree trimming and roof repairs, and all of them came over last night to clean the entire house after getting everything out. They all were working as soon as they hit the door last night and had it completely clean (spotless!!) in about an hour and a half. That includes baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, spots on the carpet, and the garages have virtually zero dust thanks to Matt's shop vac. Thanks SOO much guys for everything. Andrew and Cristin, aren't you sad you missed it? Ha! I was exhausted by the time the movers got done moving the furniture (@ about 7pm)and was SO grateful we have such great friends to help clean up. We would have been up all night.

We got to meet the buyer of our house at closing. He is a single guy, a colonel (apparently by his title on his checks), young, and is extremely excited about his first house. He looks like a guy that will take good care of it. We thought it was a law student and his wife that were actually going to live there, but it turns out that the wife of the law student is the single guy's sister. She helped him find the house. Get all that? Either way, as long as I think whoever is going to be there will take care of our cute little house, I'm good. And like it matters... But we're pretty attached as you can see.

Right now, we're officially homeless. On Monday we'll close on our new house and until then, we'll be staying with Nana and Papaw. So if you need me, my cell phone probably won't work.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new house. I am truly sad I missed the cleaning night. Sounds like fun, at least the hanging out with everyone and helping you guys part.