Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Boot Camp: Day Four & Five

Yesterday went GREAT! Not one accident. Well, we won't count the very small amounts of wetness she had in her panties after yelling at me and running to the potty so I can help her get on her seat. She is really starting to realize when she needs to go and that she can hold it for a little longer. Today went alright. She was great all day even while I have to cart her around and kill time while our house was being inspected. She tried to go potty at Target and at the mall but no luck, but no accidents. She even fell asleep in the car in panties and didn't have an accident. I took her later on to look at houses...no accidents and I never took her to the potty. Although the problems have begun when she needs to poop. She hasn't quite mastered that one yet even though she did it several times when she was 18 months old or so. She will tell us every couple of minutes that she needs to poop, runs into the bathroom holding her bottom, sits and does nothing. I'm not sure if she's been holding it in all day and it begins to hurt her or what. But that's usually when she'll have the little bit of wetness in her draws. Who knows. Maybe I just need to give her a ton of fiber and help it out in that way. She also had a couple of (just wet) accidents tonight while playing a little too hard. I think it was also poop related. Poor thing will be carted around tomorrow too when we go look at more houses. I hope she does alright.

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Julie said...

I don't envy you! Hey, did y'all sell your house?