Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our last night.

It's the last bath in the bathtub-less bathroom... The last time we put Anna in her bed for the night in the only room she's ever known... The last time I'll only have to walk 6 steps to her room to give her cough medicine in the middle of the night...

We've been so busy packing, cleaning, and fixing things lately. I thought we'd never sell our cute little house, and we had begun plans to close in the attached garage (we had 2 more anyway) to make a master bedroom and another bathroom, as well as split the sunroom in half and make a big laundry room and mud room. With all those pricey estimates lingering in my head, we were off to Orlando and BAM! Two calls from a realtor telling us she was showing the house. Then another one letting us know she was showing it again to the same couple. I thought, "YES! Finally someone who appreciates the character of an older home...and it's quirks." Then when we got back from Orlando, we hear from our realtor that we'd have a contract coming in by the next day. I think my heart did sink a little. Daddy's did as well. So after a couple of counter offers we accepted what they proposed and off we went. Then came the feverish search for just the right house...and FAST. We looked at almost 30 houses in just a few days before finally settling on a great one. It's much larger than the old one and Anna's bathroom is almost 3 times the size of the ONE we have now. AND it has a bathtub...check that...TWO bathtubs. ...Well, not two in Anna's bathroom... The master bath has a garden tub. Words such as "master bath" and "garden tub" were enough for me.

Everything seemed to fall right into place for us after we wrote a contract for the new house (built in 1999, not 1956!). They accepted our offer right off the bat (which was ridiculous we thought, but wanted some wiggle room), and they are letting us do just about whatever we need to do as far as moving goes. The house is vacant so they let us move stuff in a week early. We have movers coming to get the furniture tomorrow and we don't even close on the house until Monday. We close on the old house on Friday so that makes us homeless for a weekend. We'll be staying at Nana's house. Anna won't have any problem with that.

Speaking of Anna and her problems lately. Her world has been turned upside down! Almost literally. We all are living out of suitcases since our clothes are in the new house, most of her toys are also at the new house, she wants to go potty at the new house all the time (she loves her new house), there have been many different people in and out of her domain in the last week that she's not too sure about, and now she has to adjust to sleeping in a strange place...but a COOL strange place. Her new room is super cute with a vaulted ceiling and HER OWN CLOSET! That's right friends, she didn't have a closet...OR and bathtub! It's a sad thing. The great thing about Anna Banana is that she doesn't care one bit. She's been in huge air-flow tubs and still comes back and loves her bubbles in her toddler tub that she hardly fits in. I guess that's just kids for ya.
Wish us luck at both closings and that we'll get ALL of our crap out of the old house in time. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you guys. Can't wait to see the new house. I know you are going to make it super cute and trendy. Can't wait to see it. Hopefully we'll be coming up soon. Miss you all so much.

Theresa, Chris and Aidan said...

So this means that when Theresa, Aidan and I come visit, we will have a place to stay, right?

Congrats to you guys on the upgrade! Hope everything goes smooth.