Saturday, November 10, 2007

Boot Camp: Day Six & Seven

Day Six: Parent's Day Out. Hmm. Well, I thought this day would either go very smoothly or would be a disaster for Lindsey and Nicole, Anna's teachers. Lindsey, the fearless, told me to put her in panties if I wanted and that they'd be able to handle it. I had no doubt they'd handle things, although I doubted Anna's ability. So we went in panties. I gave instructions as best I could and off I went. Anna's stubbornness had once again kicked in the day before and she didn't poop at all. So I thought there may be poop issues for Lindsey and Nicole to deal with. I didn't feel good about that at all. But, nonetheless, warned them about that and they were fine with it. I came back that afternoon and learned that Anna had had two accidents and only pottied for them twice. Not horrible, but not great. I asked what kind of accidents and of course one was poopy. Yuck. Poop in panties?! I should have just told those girls to throw those panties away if that happened. But Lindsey, the fearless, kindly cleaned them and placed them in a bag for me. Anna also pooped again in her diaper during her nap. So, no poop progress that day... But I figured that there was just too much happening around to worry about going to the potty very consistently.

Day Seven went alright. We've just had horrible timing it seems with the sale of our house and trying to find another one to move into. We had to find one quickly since the closing date of our house is November 30th! Happy Thanksgiving to us! That comment was sort of sarcastic and sort of not. So between hauling Anna with us while we house shop and/or having her stay with Aunt Jenni, there's been a little inconsistency for her first week of boot camp. Aunt Jenni is a pro with her 4 other kids and Anna does great with her, I just feel like carting her around everywhere and sometimes having to put her in a diaper just in case has not been beneficial. So we'll keep going. We went to Old Navy, Chili's and the Mall yesterday. She told me a couple of times she needed to potty, I took her, and she went! And another time, I took her without her telling me and she went then as well. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. She's getting much better. It has just been a tiring and stressful week for all of us. I'm going to try a little MyraLax in some juice today. Nurse Jenni says that'll cure the poop issues right up! Temporarily.... ha!

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