Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Carnival Continued...

Here are some pictures from this weekend.  I didn't get pictures of everything she rode.  She rode the Super Slide; the one where you ride down on a potato sack...it's really tall.  She rode this farris wheel and a really small one, a dragon roller coaster (the one she didn't care about), the carousel a couple of times, some spinning strawberries (like a tilt-a-whirl, and she acted like it was nothin'), and last she went through an obstacle course with Daddy.  It had lots of things to run through, jump around, climb on and up, and ended with a really long slide.  She liked that one and was ready to go again.

She's waiting to get on the farris wheel.  Notice the height limit...48 inches.  Not even close to her actual height.  They let her go with Daddy.


...more to come.

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Lindsey said...

she is so BRAVE. i'm so impressed