Monday, June 16, 2008

Carnival weekend!

This weekend Daddy took some time off and we drove to his parents house to spend some time with them and go to a great carnival.  I have LOTS of pictures but haven't uploaded them yet.  I'll get on it soon right after I finish cleaning up the aftermath from unloading the car last night.  Yikes!  Anna had a BLAST riding rides.  Last time we went to this she wasn't quite tall enough didn't really show much interest in riding many things.  And since we had to pay a ton for the tickets to ride the rides, we (obviously) opted to wait to ride things she'd enjoy.  This year was a complete different story.  As soon as she saw the lights at the midway, she was asking to ride everything.  Including the "Kamikaze"...which is the huge thing that looks like two hammers hooked together that spins and goes upside down.  Ummm, needless to say, she wasn't tall enough for that one.  Not even with a parent.  We did consider it.  I know...  We let her ride some things that may have been a little too big for her to handle, but she didn't even act like she cared.  She rode a little roller coaster with Daddy and, while riding it, was looking around for something better to do.  She even asked Daddy if she could scream, as if it would make the ride more fun.  I guess it didn't.  She was back to gazing up at the giant farris (sp?) wheel.  Yep, we rode that one too.  I'll post some pics soon.  

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