Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Her first real movie!

Anna, Grey, and I went to a REAL movie in a REAL theatre this morning.  We live very close to a theatre and I heard (thanks Emily!) that they were doing a kids movie every Wednesday this summer.  Emily told me about it last night and said they were showing "Curious George" this morning.  She said it was only a DOLLAR a person to go.  That's all she needed to say.  Anna thought she was a big kid and loved sitting in the stadium seats, but stayed stretched out in my lap most of the time.  She couldn't quite figure out how to keep the seat from folding up on her.  Grey was also a champ.  He hardly made a peep through the whole movie.  He slept part of the time and ate or had a plug in his mouth for the rest.  We had a stash of cheerios and "snacks", those dried fruit bars from Target, and I had a Frappaccino.  It was fun.  We got popcorn after the movie since the line was really long when we got there.  It didn't matter to Anna when she got it.  As long as she got it.  The popcorn itself was more than tickets for us to see the movie.  


jarcarhar said...

When we took Jakob to see the 'Pirates Who Don't Do Anything,' he freaked out thinking that 'Rarry' was going to come out of the screen. We left 20 minutes into the movie only to endure the fit that followed because we left 'Rarry.' We'll see you there when Jakob returns...maybe Anna will rub off on him!

Lindsey said...

thanks for all the posts! that's really cool about the movie. and awesome pictures of grey.

J.E.M. said...

Thanks for the post. I've wondered about taking Megan. Good idea for a cheap date!