Saturday, June 21, 2008

The GLORY of CS3.

My friend Teri has great photography skills as well as some sweet photography toys that I drool over when I get to play with them.  She came over the other day and let me mess with some pictures I had taken of the kiddos.  These aren't great shots by any means, but I attempted to make the much better with some of Teri's toys.  I just have a little cheer for you...  A-C-T...I-O-N...Actions BOYS Actions!  That won't make any sense to most of you....  but it makes me happy.  :)  I am FAR from a Photoshop expert, but I'm learning.  Here are some before and'll be able to tell the difference.  Or at least I hope you can.


Check out those eyes.

I hardly ever get a good one of Anna...or at least one where she's not making a pirate face or a fake smile.  Who taught her that?!  Come on, fess up people.  So when I got this one of her in a split second as she turned around to look at me, I was happy.  Eventhough it was dark, grainy, and a little blurry.  

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J.E.M. said...

Okay, I'm burning all 5,376 of my pictures onto a disc and mailing them to you. See what you can do with them! :) Those look great!