Monday, June 09, 2008

A little taste...

Here's a little taste of what we did last night. We saw some scary camel teeth and drool. 

But that's not all! Our church plans different things once in a while for friends to hang out and play a little. Last night we went to a farm/zoo sort of place outside of town. They have lots of different animals. Mainly cows, goats, llamas, emus, camels, deer...those types of things. We got to feed all of them hot dog and hamburger buns, which seemed rather odd to me. Anna had lots of fun. They took us all on a hay ride (minus the hay) to see more animals. They had a cute baby camel that Anna was pretty concerned about.  She kept telling me "Mommy, that baby camel is trapped! We gotta go help her!"  The camel was just fenced in in a small area by herself so the kids could see her easily.  Nonetheless, Anna felt the need to save the day.  But she then quickly saw something huge and tall to climb on and was on her way.  Here are some more visuals. 


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