Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Bumbo.

I have to admit that this horribly named baby seat is one of the coolest thing I've used.  Although I do believe they forgot to add a few things to the advertisement or info about it.  With Anna (when she was a baby) and with Grey, one or more of the following things occur when I stick them in it (which is multiple times a day):

1: excessive burping, or just getting ALL the gas out of their tummy.
2: poop.
3: spit up...everywhere.
4: excessive toots.

I suppose this doesn't happen to all babies, but it seems to help mine if there happens to be a problem in one of those areas.  Grey has been swimming an spit up and/or drool every time I get him out.  Usually both...


Kelly Goulding said...

Oh I can relate.I love those things and get them for everyone I know who is having a baby..
For Shawn and I it was always the "bumbo poop"! Every time it seemed and it always shoots straight up and out!

EHW said...

Just got one for baby BEB... they didn't have those when I had the other 2 babies... I WAS excited about using that on her, but not so sure now... ha ha... ew