Monday, August 18, 2008

"I wanna ride it AGAIN!"

Finally, the day to ride the roller coaster came yesterday.  I took 177 pictures before the sun set.  And I felt like I didn't take very many!  Anna had a BLAST.  There were lots of things she wanted to ride so badly, but was too short.  Some things she will have to wait a good three years before she can ride them legally.  She ate all her green beans today at lunch because I told her it would make her taller so she could get on the bigger rides.  (not as a bribe, just normal conversation.)  She shoveled them in and said with a full mouth and hands in the air, "Mommy, I'm BIGGER!  Can I go ride more now?"  Aunt Jenni saved the day once again and held Grey almost the entire time we were there...almost 4 hours.  CRAZY woman.  But Grey sure was happy.  He finally fell asleep on her shoulder at about 8:30pm.  Both Jen and Grey were covered in drool.  Sorry Jen.  Daddy went off with the cousins once in a while to ride with them, then came back to ride with Anna.  The weather was SO nice...mid-70s and sunny.  Felt like football season.  :)  We even put on Anna's hoodie when the sun went down.  I did get to ride a couple of rides.  Well, I rode the the little roller coaster (that was surprisingly pretty fast and fun...and loud) several times with Anna.  And I road the big "Dare Devil's Drop."  Which is like a free fall thing.  Super fun.  Anna rode that little roller coaster about 8  times.  

How many fingers can he fit in there? ... Anna REALLY driving that fire truck. She was serious!

Grey's favorite ride. ... The curl queens.
Grey gave up. ...  Anna and Elisabeth trying to save their eardrums.
Cute cousins. ...  Anna and Ryan holding on tight!

Me trying to get a shot of Anna on the bumpy coaster. ... Anna on the boats...the only one riding.

Elisabeth riding with Anna...she's about 6 ft tall!  Poor girl. ... Erin riding with Anna. ... And Anna's "new best friend" Eleanor.


nanacathy said...

Looks like a trip to Six Flags is in the future now....

the arledge family said...

I'm glad that Anna still wants to be friends with Eleanor after she put her in a choke hold for the picture. :)