Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This has happened twice in the last couple of weeks.  Anna comes into the room after being in the bathroom and says something like, "Mommy, my tummy hurt a little so I got some medicine and put it in my tummy to make it feel better."  Just picture her standing in the middle of the kitchen with her hands behind her back assertively.  The first time, I thought that I'd be on the phone with poison control in a matter of seconds.  I ran into the bathroom to find nothing out of the ordinary; nothing out of the drawers, no pills on the floor...  I asked her to show me what kind of medicine she got.  She opened the drawer in the bathroom where I keep all the kids medicine (I KNOW-I should keep them somewhere else!!), and pulled out the bottle of Kids Tums.  I asked her how many she took.  She said, "I just take one...(chuckle)."  I thought, "Ok, that isn't THAT bad."  The dose for her age is 2 tablets and I looked in the bottle and she couldn't have taken more than one or two.  The tablets are HUGE so I'd know if there were a significant amount missing.  I'll find a new place for the medicine.

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