Friday, August 15, 2008

"Daddy, I need to go to the bike shop."

Anna desperately needed a helmet to wear while riding her bike.  This girl has been practicing HARD with Daddy almost every night for the past few weeks.  It was a little frustrating for Daddy in the beginning because Anna is, of course, on her own agenda and clock.  So since she is VERY easily distracted, Daddy would get fed up with trying to teach her the "ropes" of cycling, resulting in a negative experience for Anna.  Therefore, she started to not want to ride anymore.  After threatening that Santa would come and get the bike and take it back to the North Pole, and Daddy finding some patience, they were back circling the neighborhood.  They ride to the grocery store all the time and walk around looking at things there, then she hops back on and they come home.  It's about 5 or so blocks to the store.  And Daddy likes to find lots of obsticles along the way for Anna to problem solve on the bike.  :)  
She has had many big spills on the bike, and some near head injuries.  The new helmets finally came in this week and Daddy went to the bike shop to pick up one that matches her bike.  She loves it and thinks she is "serious" now. 

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Lindsey said...

you get such cute pictures