Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nighttime conversation.

Lately I have been visiting with Anna while she lays in bed at night.  It's usually after we read stories and have turned out all the lights.  It has become my favorite time....even when I've almost killed her during the day.  I have started thinking that I need to set up the camera somewhere and record a conversation or two.  She just goes on and on about random things.  You just hear all the thoughts that go through her mind.  She has no most two year olds don't.  I'll try my best to recreate what she was's pretty close to what was really said.  I know I left out a few things...

Me: What did you do today?
Anna: I go to school (church and school are at the same place so she gets them mixed up), and I made a pretty picture.  It had stickers on it with fish and water and, and...
Me: Did your teacher tell you a story about the picture you were making?
Anna: Yes, it was about God's love...and a really big fish.
Me: Was it about Jonah?
Anna: Um (putting her index finger at her lips), yes, and about God's love.  Jonah got in the water and the big fish swallowed him and then the big fish cough and spit out God's love.
Me: You mean, he spit out Jonah?
Anna:  No, he spit out God's love.
Me: Ok...
Anna: Mommy, did you go to the store?
Me: Yes, I went to Wal-Mart.
Anna: But which Wal-Mart?
Me: The one we always go to that's down the street.
Anna: Did you go with Elisabeth and Erin?
Me: No, I went by myself.
Anna: Well, Elisabeth is my BEST friend.  Did she come to our house today? No, she came yesterday. You go shoppin with her...and Erin too.  Elisabeth is my best friend and she came from her house.  No, she came from Russ's house!
Me: I think so...
Anna:Reagan is my best friend too (cousin).  She came to see my Polly NEW princess Polly Pockets.  But Cinderella...she lose her shoes!  All dem!  I go take my car to the store to get some more.  My car works!  It WORKS Mommy!  I can drive it.  And Reagan can come too...and Elisabeth.
Me: ok...
Anna: And I have some candy at school today.  I got a gum...MY gum.  It was mine.  
Me: Did you swallow it?
Anna: No, I pit it that big fish pit God's love out.
Me: ...ok...
Anna: I pit it out after I chew it all up.  It was colored blue.  It was pretty blue.  I chew it and blow a real big bubble!
Me: I didn't know you can blow a bubble!
Anna:  Yep, I can....  (looking up) Mommy, you get that boon (balloon) out of the fan when it spin round and round and break! (this happened months ago) You used your white wadder (ladder).  And we take the turtle to the hospital when it was hurt and sick.  It got getter.  Then we let it go to da water o'er dair....(there's a turtle story but it didn't involve a hospital).  Mommy, why did you throw my clothes away?
Me:  What do you mean?
Anna: My clothes, they in the trash..the widdle the bathroom, by the potty.
Me: Oh, the strap on the shirt was torn and I couldn't fix it, and you couldn't wear it anymore.
Anna: Oh (chuckling).  (gasp) It lightning Mommy!  I can see it!  Out da window!  But I can't really see it cause my curtains, they in the way.  The window is on the udder side...and the lightning is outside. (pause) Do you hear it? 
Me: Hear what?
Anna: (softly) The thunder.....


Lindsey said...

that rocks! i can't wait for that!

Erin said...

She is so awesome! I just love her mind.