Friday, August 08, 2008

A new era.

One has entered a new era of parenting when the first Polly Pockets are purchased.  Anna has been playing with these microscopic dolls with her cousins for a while now.  I should say, she picks out the clothes, shoes, and accessories, then asks someone else to dress Polly.  When I say "microscopic", I mean it.  Nana bought Anna some Disney Princess Polly Pockets today.  She got Snow White, which came with Dopey the dwarf, Sleeping Beauty, which came with the blue AND the pink dress, and Cinderella, which of course came with glass slippers.  Five minutes into dressing Cinderella we lost one glass slipper.  This glass slipper is definitely microscopic...about 1/2 of an inch long, and CLEAR, because well, it's supposed to be glass.  I looked everywhere.  Nothing.  Cinderella borrowed Snow White's red shoes.  Snow White was fine with that.

Daddy came home and saw me on my hands and knees with my cheek on the floor looking for the invisible slipper.  He asked what was going on and then said with a dramatic gasp, "Cinderella LOST a glass slipper?!  Just like she did in the movie?!  Let's see if Prince Charming can find it."  And yes, "Prince Charming" saved the day.  After finding a "used" Dora band-aid and a couple of pieces of pop corn under the couch, he found it.

Yes, these are the glass slippers sitting on a PENNY.  I hope I don't find any of these little shoes or other accessories in Grey's diapers.  Yikes!

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nanacathy said...

Sorry, just couldn't resist...thought you needed one more thing to have to keep up with at your house...funny blog mom